Warp and deformation testing

Structural warp and deformation of the terrain are destructive processes occurring in two forms – natural, related to spontaneous processes of nature, or artificial, usually caused by human interference. These factors can cause serious damage and destruction to underground and above-ground infrastructure.

With the help of 3D laser scanning technology, we make it possible to measure the deformation of external surfaces of areas, objects and structures – thanks to systematic measurements, we also examine the speed of the recorded damage.

Thanks to our measuring devices coordinated with specialized control and measurement software, we provide a visible image of irregularities in shapes and deformations of the surface of the area or infrastructure facilities.

Depending on the client’s request, we can register deformations of land, industrial facilities and public utility buildings, railway facilities such as tracks, subgrade, electric traction devices.

Using specialized software, we are able to prepare a professional analysis containing, among others. information on the size of deformations and deviations from the assumed standard or technical specification.