Technical service

Service of welding equipment and power tools.

We provide services such as:

  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs.
  • Validation of welding equipment according to the standards PN-EN 60974-4: 2017-01 and PN-EN IEC 60974-14: 2019-02.
  • Attestation of welding hoses.
  • Custom production of control cables and gas hose sets with gas fittings.

We service and repair:

  • Welding devices (semi-automatic MIG machines, MMA / TIG welders, feeders, coolers, plasma cutters).
  • Welding equipment (welding holders, plasma cutter holders, reducers, hoses).
  • Power tools.

We provide a warranty for the repairs performed.

We issue certificates that meet the required industry standards for repairs / validations.
In our company, we provide an authorized warranty and post-warranty service of KEMPPI welding equipment.

We provide transport from / to the customer. (Certificates)


We offer a comprehensive approach to maintenance, a solution which, thanks to the convenience, financial savings and security of timely execution of orders, is becoming increasingly popular.

As part of the service, which aims to maintain the full efficiency of your devices, we conduct periodic inspections and verification of key components.

If you care about the uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the devices, we invite you to cooperation.

Crimping hydraulic hoses

We provide services for crimping hydraulic hoses with diameters from 6.8 mm to 40 mm.

We offer the preparation of new sets of hoses in any configuration for individual orders, and we also conduct repair and service work on hoses that require repair.