Scratch resistance

Scratch resistance test in accordance with ISO 1518-1

The scratch resistance test is conducted to verify compliance with the requirements, specifications, and during product development to verify the specific resistance, which may be of key importance for components operating in conditions of continuous exposure to mechanical damage. When the continuity of the coverings is broken, the protective barrier is damaged, and the products undergo accelerated degradation.

The assessment is also used as an indicator of changes in the properties of products after exposure to an aggressive environment. The test is performed both before and after exposure. This allows to define the decrease of the scratch hardness resulting from the influence of a given environment.

The test method is to scratch the coating with a stylus under constant load. The stylus is positioned perpendicular to the test surface and the load is regulated with weights.

The test can be conducted to check compliance with the requirements at a defined load, or as an evaluation test, as a series of measurements, in order to define the resistance of the coating system, the product.