Production measurements

With the help of the 3D laser scanning service, we are able to perform all kinds of measurements – we can very quickly obtain the results of distance measurements on the 2D plane and on the 3D model. All measurements are readable at any time on the basis of the point cloud created during the 3D laser scanning process.

Correct inspection of the tested detail requires the following conditions:

  • Having a spatial model of a detail or an object subject to control measurement – a 3D model in popular CAD formats,
  • Performing a scan of the external surfaces of the tested element or object – creating a point cloud,
  • Carrying out a measurement inspection based on the comparison of the actual point cloud with the 3D model,
  • Analysis of the final data allowing to indicate the level of deviations of the real object in relation to the 3D model – the customer receives from us a point cloud superimposed on the previously created model and the measurement results are available in the form of a colour deviation map.
Pomiary produkcyjne

At the client’s request, we make:

  • measurements of critical points characteristic for the measured object,
  • shape tolerance measurements (flatness, straightness, roundness of an object),
  • views and sections (in the form of a sketch, preparation for creating a 2D technical drawing).