Painting inspections

Inspections of paint coating processes concern all aspects of painting work: surface preparation measurements, application, final inspection. Each stage ends with reporting.

One of the methods of protecting structures against corrosion are protective paint coats. In order to meet their assumptions, they must be appropriately selected to the weather conditions. The quality of the final product is influenced by each production stage as well as the skills and competences of the staff. To avoid errors in surface preparation and application, the supervision of a qualified inspector is recommended.

inspekcje malarskie

Painting inspections carried out by our inspectors cover every stage, i.e.:

  • surface preparation, including assessment of cleanliness, roughness, salinity, dustiness, preparation of joints and edges
  • control during the application of paint coatings: weather conditions, paint sweat-life, touch-ups, mixing ratio, paint temperature, wet film thickness
  • final acceptance:

Non-destructive methods: visual assessment, measurement: dry film thickness, colour and gloss.

Destructive methods: coating tightness, hardness and adhesion (x-cut / crosscut / pull-off test)

We are in possession of certified equipment for measuring all essential elements of the painting process.

We also inspect powder coating systems as well as spray or dip galvanization processes.

Inspections end with a professional and detailed report depending on the client’s needs.