Paint systems properties

Laboratory methods of evaluating the protective properties of paint systems in accordance with ISO 12944-6.

For the purpose of the necessary protection against corrosion of the structure, an important aspect is the selection of an appropriate paint system. For this purpose, the properties of the paint systems used should be tested.
Conducting the tests specified in the normative document referred to above allows to determine with high probability whether the selected system will meet its application for a specific period of time for a given environmental corrosivity category, depending on the planned operating conditions.
Our laboratory carries out the procedures specified in test regime 1. Verification is conducted by exposing the samples in an atmosphere of moisture condensation (ISO 6270-1), as well as testing in sprayed neutral brine (ISO 9227). Coating adhesion tests (ISO 4624, ISO 2409) are conducted both before and after exposure, and the values ​​obtained must meet defined normative requirements. After exposure, a visual assessment of the resulting corrosion damage is conducted in accordance with the relevant parts of ISO 4628. If the tests are passed, it is highly probable that the coating system has the appropriate durability for the specific environment.

More information on tests: ISO 9227, ISO 6270-1, ISO 2409, ISO 4624, ISO 4628