Industrial inspections

General industrial inspections and surveillance

Our company provides inspection services in the following scope:

1. First party inspection – in-house inspections – product conformity assessment by a person or organization that is the producer (supplier) of the product. Inspections of this kind are a real support for the internal quality system.

2. Second party inspection – product conformity assessment conducted at the customer’s request at the supplier’s plant on the basis of the provided documentation and based on international standards and requirements

3. Third party inspection – product conformity assessment performed as an independent party during the production process.

Our inspectors have several decades of experience in the inspection industry so they can diligently support customers in assessing the compliance of products with the requirements. Independent inspections, conducted on the basis of knowledge in the field of international norms and standards, often prevent costly repairs and complaints, and minimize the risk of delivering a defective product. Extensive knowledge and experience allow our inspectors to independently assess the correctness of the works performed.

Technical industrial inspections include participation in functional tests of devices (FAT), final pre-shipment acceptance, packaging and labelling inspections, audits, reviews of final documentation, monitoring and expediting of production processes.

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We are also able to support the quality management systems within the plants by providing our knowledge and experience.

Our inspectors are highly qualified in the field of welding (IWE, IWI, CSWIP), paint coatings (FROSIO, NACE) and all non-destructive testing methods (we have NDT level II and III operators).

We are also able to support companies by placing qualified resident inspectors to constantly supervise the commissioned works.

We have an effective and helpful reporting system for our clients using HMS inspection forms or entrusted forms.
We have a large base of inspectors all over the world, so we are able to monitor and control production processes all over the world.

We have a wide base of expeditor inspectors whose inspections in factories during the production process give a full picture of potential technical problems that may affect the final delays. This allows for taking preventive actions already at the production stage.