Electrical measurements

We conduct electrical measurements to verify devices in terms of meeting the assumed protection against electric shock. Insulation resistance measurements should be performed in accordance with the legislator’s recommendations by experienced and qualified persons with appropriate SEP qualifications.

We also perform electrical measurements of residential and commercial buildings. Performing electrical measurements is necessary both in the case of newly built installations, after repair activities or distinct types of expansion before it is put into use.

For the safety of users at least every 5 years, periodic measurements are mandatory.

pomiary elektryczne

The obligation of the owner or the person managing the building is to ensure periodic tests. These requirements are regulated in the Building Law. Neglecting these obligations may result in failures of the electrical network, and consequently, irreparable damage to the installation. In the worst case, even a fire.

Our employees have the required SEP qualifications.

We issue protocols from the conducted measurements necessary for the safe and compliant operation of electrical devices as well as buildings and industrial facilities.