Coating thickness

Coating thickness testing in accordance with PN-EN ISO 2808

During production processes, one of the necessary parameters determining the correctness of the acceptance tests after the painting process is to define the thickness of the obtained coatings. Depending on the substrate used and the type of coverage, different measuring methods are used. In our laboratory, we analyse the thickness of coatings in the range from 0-2000 µm.

Measurements are taken with non-destructive methods by means of magnetic induction and eddy currents or by optical method with the use of a stereoscopic microscope on prepared metallographic specimens. Thickness assessment is performed on both prepared tiles and finished structures. In order to obtain reliable results, the devices are calibrated on standard foils before the measurements. The thicknesses measured during the tests are compared with the requirements included in the specifications.

The thickness test is also used as a preliminary analysis of the applied coating systems before conducting a series of further tests.