Audits of manufacturers and subcontractors

Na zlecenie naszych klientów przeprowadzamy audyty zakładów produkcyjnych. Pomagamy również w doborze i wyszukiwaniu

At the request of our clients, we conduct audits of production plants. We also help in the selection and search for new suppliers. These activities are aimed at verifying:

• plant and personnel qualifications based on the required standards,
• plant infrastructure and equipment in terms of customer requirements,
• the level of the obtained quality of products,
• production capacity.

The professional knowledge of our auditors allows us to obtain a full picture of the supplier’s capabilities in terms of planned orders.

Our auditors perform professional audits in terms of the correct operation of internal quality systems in plants, as well as typically in terms of production capabilities in the field of welding, anti-corrosion, assembly and machining.