Accidents reconstruction

The 3D laser scanning technique helps to reconstruct the course of accidents and enables digital archiving of the accident scene. Thanks to this method, we can register the actual image of the place of the event without the need to carry out time-consuming photographic records. With the help of the created point cloud, we will recreate the reality from the scene of the event. A virtual cloud of points and an observation grid will help in the subsequent analysis of potential damage, destruction and, if necessary, will be used in the process of recreating an accident or crime in the form of computer animation.

The developed cloud may be helpful in lawsuits. Thanks to the cloud of points, we can recreate and analyse the trajectories of objects’ movement at the scene of the event.

The visualized image reflects a realistic three-dimensional impression of the place of the event, and thus it is not necessary to perform a local vision in the process of court proceedings. Such ventures help the court and jury to make fair decisions faster.

Rekonstrukcja wypadków drogowych