3D Objects inventory

Inventory of 3D objects is a modern type of measurement. This solution offers a complete picture of the shape and size of the scanned object. The result of the performed metrological processes is a cloud of points additionally supported by high-quality photos made in HDR technology and panoramic images of the scanned object. The obtained cloud can be subjected to specialized processing by means of which 3D models are generated, and then 2D documentation can be created. The advantage of measurements and inventory of construction and industrial facilities using the 3D laser scanning technique, it is possible to read all dimensions almost immediately after the completion of the scanning process.

3D inventory allows you to create an up-to-date image of an existing facility. A real image of an object after making an inventory is necessary in the case of professional planning of renovation works, changes in interior design , fitting new facilities into existing installations, calculating usable areas (subject to painting, tiling, etc.) or full archiving of historic buildings.

The front of metrological works largely depends on the Investor’s requirements, which is associated with the time and price of the service. The full inventory may include activities such as: technical description, dimensioned building, floor plans, elevation view, photo documentation). The scope of the 3D inventory service is determined before the service is performed and can be freely modified at the customer’s request.